ASAP Mob Scrap ‘L.O.R.D.’ Album


ASAP Mob Scrap ‘L.O.R.D.’ Album

The ASAP Mob was scheduled to release a compilation project titled L.O.R.D. last year but it was regularly pushed back. There wer a few leak but now the project has been completely scrapped according to member ASAP Yams. He also announce that ASAP Nast will be dropping a solo project in October and there is some new ASAP Rocky material set to drop this fall so sty tuned.

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Fuck. You.


//black caucus in d.c. during one of the most epic music months in A-town history. #shawtystillmad

erykah blesses the stage

ABC Evening News report on Jimi Hendrix’s death on September 18, 1970. [x]

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